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    The research activities of ICONES research team are organized around the modeling and the processing of color and spectral images and videos in the three following themes: Representation models of multivalued images Optical metrology Perception and quality assessment   The strength and the...

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  2. ICONES: COlor Images, movemeNt, rElief and Surfaces

      Research activities of the ICONES team expand across multi-source and multi-component images processing, signals characterization and analysis with a specificity concerning static and dynamic textured color images. Our objectives are to develop models for processing and analysing digital images...

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  3. IG

    The Computer Graphics team works on the complex object structure. This concerns the three following specific topics: Modeling and animating geometric objects Discrete geometry Lighting simulation   Theme Modeling and animating geometric objects   This topic concerns the structure of...

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  4. Image Synthesis and Analysis

    The "Image Synthesis and Analysis" axis (ASALI) is a research structure located on two geographic sites (Limoges and Poitiers). Scientific challenges developed in our teams are the creation of complex, structured objects in arbitrary dimension, modelling and processing of colorimetric and spectral...

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  5. CARRE Philippe

    - Responsable Equipe ICONES

    Tel. : +33 (0)5 49 49 65 76
    Fax. : +33 (0)5 49 49 65 70

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  6. Inauguration of the new I3M joint laboratory (XLIM-SIEMENS-LMA)

      On June 28, 2019, SIEMENS Healthineers France, the XLIM Research Institute UMR7252 and the Laboratory of Mathematics and Applications (LMA) UMR7348 inaugurated the I3M Joint Laboratory "Multi-core Multi-core Metabolic Imaging". This virtual laboratory, a real area of basic and applied research...

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