Student Prize

Christophe BRUN (PhD XLIM/CINTRA) currently post-doc at the CEA-LETI Grenoble, has received a student prize IEEE MTT France during the IMS 2013 conference

GPPMM work on HC-PCF makes the cover of the LaserFocusWorld magazine

GPPMM seminal work on Inhibited Coupling guiding hollow-core photonic crystal fiber (IC HC-PCF) is highlighted in the cover of September issue of the international magazine LaserFocusWorld...

Gold Leaf Certificate for a student of XLIM

Ahmad Al Hajjar, PH’d student at XLIM in C2S2 department in Brive has been rated among the ten percent best papers and has received the Gold Leaf Certificate at PRIME Conference (Conference on Ph.D Research in Microelectronics and Electronics)

Student prize

Rémi Tumayan, a CIFRE PhD student with Renault company and the OSA department of the XLIM laboratory has obtained the award of the "Best oral presentation given by a student"...

International prize for a GPPMM member

Dr Benoit Debord has been awarded a “Rank Prize Funds” prize for his doctoral work on generation and confinement of micro-plasma in photonic dielectric structures...