World’s first polychrome organic solar module

XLIM and DISASOLAR (French SME) have successfully demonstrated the world’s first polychrome photovoltaic module...
Studying the influence of nanosecond pulsed electric fields on cytoskeletal and mitochondrial networks in human glioblastoma cells with live-cell 3D structured Illumination microscopy

The BioEPIX group soon at Janelia Research Campus !

The BioEPIX group of the XLIM Research Institute has been selected for the visiting scientist programme at the renowned Janelia Research Campus of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Ashburn, Virginia.

A second article in Nature Communications for the GPPMM

The GPPMM group in collaboration with the University of Vienna has achieved a breakthrough in fast laser pulse compression by generating the shortest infrared optical pulse ever produced.

XLIM and ANDRA collaboration extends through the European program Mode...

Modern2020 project (Development and demonstration of monitoring strategies and technologies for geological disposal), leaded by ANDRA (french national radioactive waste management agency) in which the Photonic Fibre team from XLIM Laboratory is involved, has been retained.

An innovative optical fiber designed at XLIM

The group Fibre Photonics, in collaboration with the UMI CINTRA, has developed a novel optical fiber that has enabled the Singapore Bio Imaging Consortium from the Singaporean research agency A*STAR to develop a new detection method...