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Séminaire XLIM - Pr. S. R. P. Silva

Le Professeur S. Ravi P. Silva, actuellement directeur de l’ « Advanced Technology Institute » (ATI) et du « Nanoelectronics Centre » de l’Université de Surrey au Royaume-Uni, donner un séminaire le lundi 28 Octobre 2013 à 17h30 dans la salle de conférences XLIM, intitulé «Nano-Carbons: From Science to Technology to Address Grand Challenges ».

Contact XLIM du séminaire : Dominique Baillargeat (dominique.baillargeat@xlim.fr)


From structure and topology, to mechanical and electronic properties, a seemingly simple change in bonding between carbon atoms can conceive a plethora of material types. With diamond and graphite known since antiquity, better understanding of the synthesis, particularly over a large area, has enabled bottom-up design of thin films. Coupled with the discoveries of fullerenes, nanotubes and graphene, this has led to a renaissance in the study of carbon as an electronic material.

With novel synthesis routes for nano-carbon production now available, the next chapter in the story of carbon is ready to be written. Within this talk we will discuss how large area low temperature growth of carbon nanotubes can be applied to CMOS applications, nano-carbons including CNT and graphene to solar cells, and nano-carbons in biological applications.

Biography of the author

S Ravi P Silva is Director of the Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) and heads the Nanoelectronics Centre at the University of Surrey. He has published over 400 journal articles, presented talks at over 450 conferences, and is the inventor of 25 patents. The ATI has over 160 multi-disciplinary researchers that work on realising sciences for next generation technologies.  In 2003 he was awarded the Albert Einstein Silver Medal by UNESCO. He has won numerous awards from the Institute of Physics, Institute of Electrical Engineers and Royal Society. He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK and a Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, Sri Lanka.