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Séminaire XLIM : Séminaire XLIM - Nadine Peyriéras

Veuillez noter dans vos agendas que Nadine Peyriéras, directrice de recherche CNRS au sein de l’USR 3695 BioEmergence à Gif-sur-Yvette (France), viendra présenter un séminaire à XLIM le Jeudi 5 Janvier 2017 prochain à 11h, en salle de conférences. Son exposé s’intitule « Multilevel dynamics in living system morphogenesis. »

Note pour les doctorants : pensez à vous inscrire sur la liste d’appel lors du séminaire afin de faire valider votre participation auprès de l’école doctorale ED521 !

Abstract. We approach the understanding of Deuterostome early embryogenesis through the integration of mechanical and biochemical cues underlying morphogenetic processes. The automated reconstruction of the cell lineage tree from multiscale in vivo imaging data provides measurements for cell behavior: displacement, division, shape and contact changes. This quantitative data is used to derive statistical models for key parameters and calculate descriptors for tissue deformation. Confronting numerical simulations derived from multi-agent based biomechanical models with empirical measurements extracted from the reconstructed digital specimens is the basis for testing biological hypotheses. Further correlating cell behavior, tissue biomechanics and biochemical activities by comparing the patterns revealed by cell fate, kinematic descriptors or reporters of gene expression, is a step toward the integration of multi-level dynamics. This overall framework serves for the quantitative exploration of  the variability and robustness of developmental processes in different model systems: sea urchin twins, zebrafish siamese, normal versus cloned rabbit embryos.

Biosketch of the author. Nadine Peyrieras is head of the BioEmergences laboratory CNRS USR3695 in Gif-sur-Yvette (2015-present). PhD in 1986 in Biochemistry (ENS Cachan, UPMC and Pasteur Institute) on the Biosynthesis of Calcium Dependent Cell Adhesion molecules in teratocarcinoma cells and mouse embryos. 1986-1992, CNRS researcher (Pasteur Institute Laboratory of François Jacob), 1992-1994  (IBDML Marseille Laboratory of Christo Goridis), 1995-2003 (ENS Paris Laboratory of Frédéric Rosa). NP launched the “Genetic Networks and Cell Morphodynamics” team (2003-2005 UPMC Laboratory of Hervé le Guyader) (2005-2014 CNRS Gif-sur-Yvette Laboratory of Philippe Vernier). The CNRS Laboratory USR3695 BioEmergences born in the context of the Institute for Complex Systems Paris Ile de France https://iscpif.fr/ is transdisciplinary and explores the reconstruction of Multilevel Dynamics in Embryonic Morphogenesis from in vivo 3D+time multiscale imaging data. BioEmergences is a partner of the National Infrastructure France BioImaging and NP currently coordinates the France BioImaging node Ile de France Sud. NP co-organized courses and conferences in the context of the international community of complex systems science, today gathered in the Unitwin UNESCO Complex Systems Digital Campus  http://cs-dc.org/ where she coordinates the e-department from Molecules to 0rganisms and Ecosystems. The BioEmergences partnership with the UPMC Marine Biology Station in Banyuls (BIOM Laboratory of Hervé Moreau) grounds its strategies to investigate embryonic morphogenesis of marine organisms. CS-DC and ISC-Paris Ile de France are instrumental to strengthen the laboratory formal and theoretical approaches.

Contact du séminaire : Frédéric Louradour (frederic.louradour@xlim.fr) / seminaires@xlim.fr