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The demand for wider bandwidth is in constant increase for pushing forward the capacity of telecommunication systems. In order to facilitate the emergence of new broadband applications (such as satellite HD TV for instance), the operation of electronics equipment at higher frequency is envisaged, in particular at millimetre wave frequencies.

At these frequencies, high-Q technologies used at lower frequencies are not accessible. For example, classical dielectric resonators or cavities are no longer available beyond 30-35 GHz.

It is thus necessary to design new filtering structures with high quality-factors to implement these future systems and further work is necessary in order to customize high-Q technologies to these high frequencies.

The project consists in developing resonators and filters at mm-wave frequencies based on ceramic technologies. The first breakthrough will concern the control of manufacturing tolerances and the design of associated tuning systems for tolerance compensation. The second breakthrough will be to introduce flexibility into these structures to realize tunable millimetre-wave filters with high quality factor.

Thèses en cours

Développement de nouvelles architectures accordables pour les multiplexeurs de sortie de satellites

Conception de filtres accordables en technologies céramiques 3D pour des applications spatiales