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« Etude, Conception et Réalisation d’Antennes Compactes à Polarisation Circulaire. Optimisation des Performances

NOUR Amro A Abou Zeid
Résumé : 

Circular polarized antennas (CP) are greatly used in space and terrestrial communication systems. Furthermore, the need for communication systems integration is increasingly important. Therefore, it is necessary to propose and develop more compact antenna design with optimized performance (adaptation, radiation, gain, efficiency, axial ratio). The objective of this thesis is to design planar antennas, broadband or multi-band, with circular polarization and optimized performances. To achieve these objectives, the work was divided into several stages, from the design of a wideband CP antenna to the design of a GNSS tri-band circular polarized patch antenna. Firstly, a literature study of planar antennas has been conducted. Different designs have been examined and contrasted to evaluate their performances. Secondly, a wideband CP patch antenna with parasitic elements has been designed manufactured and measured. It was sought to optimize its operating band. Considering the bibliographical study that was already carried out, and based on the wideband CP antenna structure that was validated during the previous phase, a new GNSS tri-band CP patch antenna was also designed, fabricated and measured. Most of the work was done on minimizing its size while maintaining satisfactory electromagnetic performance in the three required GNSS frequency bands: L2, E6 and L1. Special attention was directed towards getting a good axial ratio over a wide radiating aperture. The last phase of this thesis was to go even further in improving the CP GNSS multi-band antenna's performance, particularly by improving its efficiency. Excitation slots were finally used after a comparison was made between the different performances obtained through the different design techniques (coaxial feed, slots, etc ...). Keywords: [Planar Antennas, Circular Polarization, Microstrip Patch Antennas, Wideband, Multi-band, GNSS]