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International Cooperation

XLIM's scientific excellence and critical size provide international visibility and recognition :

  • over 15 nationalities are represented in the lab,
  • 12 European projects have been successfully submitted by XLIM's teams (2010-2013),
  • 34% of XLIM's journal papers have been co-authored by researchers affiliated with non-French institutions (2010-2013).

Main international collaborations, per department

International Strategy

To maintain its leading position, XLIM is committed to an ambitious international strategy, which comprises of:

  • strengthening XLIM's attractivity for high-profile international researchers,
  • increasing PhD co-supervisions with international partners,
  • improving international visibility and attractiveness of Master's and Bachelor's degrees associated with XLIM,
  • evolving individual scientific collaborations into formalized research programs,
  • increase XLIM's participation in international research projects, and in particular, in European projects,
  • facilitatating student and researcher exchanges.

XLIM International Cell (CIX)

CIX is a group of individuals responsible for implementing XLIM's international strategy. The CIX coordinates the usage of ressources devoted to the development of international cooperation by XLIM and other institutions such as the University of Limoges, the University of Poitiers, the Région Limousin, Labex Σ-Lim, the European Union, CNRS, etc. These ressources include financial support for student and researcher exchanges, scholarships, support for co-supervised PhDs, invited research positions, internships, etc.

More about CIX (XLIM members only)