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The communication unit of XLIM is in charge of the promotion of the laboratory through different communication actions for our academic, industrial and institutional partners, but also for the public at large.

It involves:

  • Person in charge of XLIM's communication: Annie Bessaudou
  • Persons in charge of Communication: Françoise Cosset and Claire Darraud
  • Publication assistant: Clémence Hélie
  • Axis:
    • Mathematics, Information Security: Benoit Crespin
    • Fibre Photonics and Coherent Sources: Claire Darraud
    • RF-ELITE: Françoise Cosset
    • Image Synthesis and Analysis (site Poitiers): Philippe Carré
    • Smart Systems and Network (site Poitiers): Rodolphe Vauzelle
    • RF Systems (Limoges): Sébastien Mons/Omar Dafif
    • RF Systems (Brive): Raphaël Sommet


Web Site

  • Annie Bessaudou
  • Laurent Hagerman
  • Vincent Jalby


Lettre d'XLIM                     

Is is an eight to twelve pages information bulletin with a circulation of 600. It concentrates on a scientific activity within XLIM and presents all the institute's current affairs (theses, conferences, collaborations...). This letter is published twice a year.

Laboratory visits

These visits are the best way for us to present our activities during different occasions:

  • particularly to students of high-school during open days.

Lycée St Jean (Limoges) Lycée Renoir (Limoges) Lycée d'Aubusson
sept.12 may 12 may 12
  • XLIM's partners, universities, institutions and industries are also welcome for thematic visits.
Inauguration du Laboratoire commun NXL  entre XLIM et l'industriel NXP (juil.12)
Visite d'une délégation de l'Université d'AMBATO (sept. 13)

Organization of scientific demonstrations

  • Conferences
  • Support for the team Séminaires XLIM
  • Support for the organization of the postgraduate students annual workshop
  • Organization of the greeting day for new people in the lab
  • Support for the organization of the re-entry ceremony for students of advanced technology engineering training (iXeo)
  • ...

Advertising articles

Available on the Intranet:

  • logos
  • posters (XLIM presentation, departements, transversal programs, PLATINOM platform, student associations)
  • poster and slide patterns
  • ...