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Materials and specific ceramic components to integrated, secure and intelligent communicating systems

A Labex, laboratory of excellence launched by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, has for objective to select excellent laboratories, and aims at endowing laboratories having an international visibility of significant means to allow them to be neck and neck with their foreign counterparts, to attract researchers and teachers-researchers of international fame and to build a research joined policy, by training and by high-level valuation.

The ambition of the Labex is:

  • To increase the excellence and the scientific originality, the transfer of the produced knowledge and, there even, the international visibility of the French research, while pulling other national laboratories in this dynamics;
  • To guarantee the excellence of the program, and to play a driving role in the level trainings Master's degree and doctorate;
  • To join the strategy of their establishments of guardianship and to strengthen the dynamics of the concerned sites.

LabEx ∑ -lim is carried by two Mixed Research Units for the University of Limoges and the CNRS (NATIONAL CENTER FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH), the SPCTS and XLim, and pressed on both poles of competitiveness piloted in Limousin, Elopsys and the European Pole of the Ceramic.

It suggests investigating the new technologies and the material and software architectures which are going to establish the future more secure systems of communication, more reliable and endowed with more features.

Labex ∑ - lim contains three sectors:

  • The research, a horizontal and multidisciplinary project
  • The training: attractive teachings in coherence with the research
  • The valorisation: creation, transfers, partnerships

We find 4 complementary and interdependent areas of research there:

  • Materials and ceramic processes;
  • Components and integrated electronic and optical circuits;
  • Functions and secure systems;
  • Modeling.

All around of which 3 more applied axes will be developed:

  • Security of the properties, the places and the persons;
  • Health / medicine;
  • Energy.