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Mechanics workshop

The mechanics workshop of XLIM provides for some of the specific mechanical elements needed by research teams. Conceptions go from the box destined for hyper frequency experiments whose dimensions are of a few millimetres, via various wave guides, various dimensions and configurations as well as flat antennae; to voluminous units such as fibrage towers and preformed benches all destined for the conception of fibre optics.

All these achievements demand optimal precision.

Digitally commanded machines

The machine park is composed of five drills, four lathes, five milling-cutters one of which is semi-automatic and one is triple axel, digitally operated, an electro erosion machine, reciprocating and band saws, electric and oxyacetylene work stations.

The mechanics workshop

This unit, within XLIM, offers researchers advice, follow-up and rapid modifications where necessary, right from conception.