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Network and Systems Admin

The Network and System admin team manage the XLIM's computer room with file servers, backup, mailer, Web, database, UPS and networks of various sites in the laboratory.

The computer park of the laboratory is essentially composed of:

  • independant computers for the staff (PC Windows, Linux, Mac - approximately 70% of the park)
  • UNIX work stations (SUN, HP - approximately 15% of the park)
  • Thin clients and Xwindows terminals (ICA, NCD, SunRay, approximately 15% of the park)
  • calculation servers: cluster of 8 Bi-Xeon 4 GO de Ram (MINACOM)
  • File and backup servers (9 TO on LTO2 bands).
  • 4.5 To  disk on  SAN-ã-Ä-®-©-÷-€-?-Ç

Concerning the application programs, XLIM has at its disposal a complete range of scientific software among which we can name:

  • Conception tools: ADS, Cadence, Ansys, Sonnet, HFSS, Comsol (Femlab)
  • Mathematics tools: Maple, Matlab, Scilab
  • Instrumentation: Labview, HPVee
  • Software developed through a local area network: Thesade (antenna analysis with the FDTD method, EMXD (electromagnetic modelling of finished elements), BPM modelling in two dimensions, amplifying fibre simulation, EM3D modelling with FDTD method, analysis by harmonic balancing, method of line, harmonic balance and envelope transiant

Some of the commercial software is the object of donations or specific distribution agreements that constitute a valuable aid for the laboratory.

XLIM has of course at its disposal all the classic bureaucracy tools, notably through the agreements with the Ministry of Education. Other than these internal means, and via the RENATA network, XLIM has access to computer tools which are both local (calculation server of the SCI of the University of Limoges) and national (DRIS, CINES) for its needs in vector and parallel calculation.