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XLIM UMR CNRS 7252 has an expertise in the domain of electronics and microwaves, optics and photonics, CAD, mathematics, computer sciences and image processing for the application in secured environments, biotechnology and health, energy control and saving.

XLIM is a multidisciplinary research institute located on several geographical sites: in Limoges on the sites of ENSIL, Faculté des Sciences et Techniques and Ester-Technopole, in Brive on the site of IUT GEII and in Poitiers on the site of Technopole du Futuroscope.

XLIM incorporates more than 440 people among professors, CNRS researchers, engineers, technicians, post-doctoral researchers, PhD students and administrative staff.

XLIM is structured around:

  • 3 scientific poles

    • Electronics
    • Photonics
    • Mathematics, Computer Science, Image

that bring together 6 research focus

  • RF Systems
  • Smart Systems and Network
  • Fibre Photonics and Coherent Sources
  • Image Synthesis and Analysis
  • Mathematics, Information Security
  • 1 virtual laboratory


where are carried out research projects well recognized for their excellence.

The research efforts rely on the existence of 2 platforms

- the PLATINOM platform

gives to researchers an access to technological equipment for the fabrication of microwave or optical structures (clean room and fiber tower), as well as to a large park of instruments for performing electronic, photonic, electromagnetic, and radiation measurements.

- the PREMISS platform

federates modelling and simulation activities at the laboratory. It features a software forge which is available to XLIM members and their external collaborators. It also proposes specific tools for multiphysical/multiscale simulation of complex systems based on models developed at XLIM, thus benefiting from the strong multidisciplinarity of the laboratory, at the interface between physics, mathematics and informatics.

XLIM also consists in

  • 6 joints laboratories

    • MITTIC (3-5 Lab)
    • AXIS (Thales Alenia Space)
    • NXL (NXP)
    • LEV3E (CEA Gramat)
    • XLAS (CILAS)
  • 1 industrial chair

    • DEFIS RF: Thales & Thales Alenia Space
  • 1 laboratory of excellence

    • called Sigma-LIM which associates XLIM laboratory together with SPCTS laboratory (UMR 7315)
  • 14 start-ups

    • created since 2004.  
XLIM is the main support of Masters STIC of the University.
It is also the scientific heart of the Elopsys competitiveness cluster.