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Inauguration of the new I3M joint laboratory (XLIM-SIEMENS-LMA)


On June 28, 2019, SIEMENS Healthineers France, the XLIM Research Institute UMR7252 and the Laboratory of Mathematics and Applications (LMA) UMR7348 inaugurated the I3M Joint Laboratory "Multi-core Multi-core Metabolic Imaging".

This virtual laboratory, a real area of basic and applied research and publications, will allow teams from the University of Poitiers, the CNRS and the CHU to have access to a reference center in medical imaging associated with tools of Articifical Intelligence. The ambition for the company SIEMENS is to sustain its scientific research by expanding the scope of its investigations in line with public health issues.

Teams from the University of Poitiers and CHU: DACTIM-MIS LMA and ICONES XLIM axis ASALI, will have access to a high-field MRI platform for research and clinical use at the University Hospital of Poitiers. Composed of 2 SIEMENS multi-core magnetic resonance imaging (NMR) equipment with very high field (3T and 7T), it gives access to a non-invasive imaging, very high resolution, anatomic, molecular and metabolic which allows in particular to study the function of organs, tissues or cells.

From a governance point of view, a tripartite directorate was set up with Matthieu Lepetit Coiffe (SIEMENS), Rémy Guillevin (CHU, LMA, UP, CNRS) and Christine Fernandez-Maloigne (XLIM, UP, CNRS).

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Contact: Christine Fernandez-Maloigne