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Industrial chair ANR DEFIS-RF

The signing ceremony of the specific agreement proceeded Tuesday, December 10 at the University campus of Brive. 

DEFIS-RF (DEsign of Future Integrated Smart-RF transceivers) is a four years collaborative project for enhancing and developing research and higher education on the Design of Future Integrated Smart Radio Frequency Transmitters. It relies on an already established extensive collaboration between XLIM labs and the Thales group for more than 20 years. In particular, this project aims at widening and enriching the existing common lab AXIS, a joint effort between XLIM and Thales Alenia Space in the frame of the development of technologies for space applications. DEFIS-RF aims to boost this fruitful collaboration to establish a major center of excellence, at the international level, for research and higher education in the design of analog high frequency devices, circuits and systems. The project will develop researches which match needs of the whole Thales Group.
Raymond Quéré is the person in charge of this chair.