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International prize for a GPPMM member

Dr Benoit Debord, from the GPPMM group - Xlim, has been awarded a “Rank Prize Funds” prize for his doctoral work on generation and confinement of micro-plasma in photonic dielectric structures. This international prize is organized by the “Rank Prize Funds” and awards young talents in the field of opto-electronics. Dr Debord was presented with the prize by the pioneer of ultra-fast laser, Prof. Wilson Sibbett, CBE, FRS.

Dr Benoit Debord has been instrumental in this pioneering work, and which potential impact could be no less than creating a new field of photonics. Prof. Benabid, the GPPMM group leader and Benoit’s supervisor, said “I am delighted for Benoit, it is highly deserved. This prize also rewards the whole GPPMM effort in setting and encouraging the spirit of excellence and merit”.

The Rank Prize Funds were set up in 1972 by the late Lord Rank and these Funds in Nutrition and Optoelectronics provide support for the two sciences that reflect his business interests in flour milling and the cinema/electronics industries.