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Partnership between XLIM and the University of South Africa

The ELITE team at XLIM welcomed three members of the University of South-Africa (UNISA, Johannesburg) between November the 13th and 23rd, in the frame of a starting collaboration for “graphene materials for energy conversion and storage”. This partnership, supported by a PROTEA project (Hubert Curien cooperation program) over 2017 and 2018, aims at developing several common actions in the field of optoelectronic and electrochemical devices, such as solar cells or supercapacitors, based on graphene derivatives. It is expected to promote regular exchanges of research staff and students between the Physics Department of UNISA and XLIM next year. More generally, this action should enable additional projects to be supported by the two partners in the next years, especially in the field of education.


Johann Bouclé, XLIM/RF-ELITE ( ; Bakang M. Mothudi, UNISA (

Program PHC PROTEA n° 38199NA