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Prizes for Bio-Epix : BioEM and ECBO 2015 !

Two PhD students from the Bio-EPIX group at XLIM (led by Dr. Rodney O’Connor, Labex SigmaLim Bioengineering Chair) have received awards at the BioEM and ECBO 2015 conferences.  Lynn Carr received 1st place in the poster awards at the BioEM conference held in Asilomar, California (14th-19th June). This prize was for her work on “Calcium-independent disruption of microtubule growth following nanosecond pulsed electric field exposure in U87 human glioblastoma cells”. David Moreau received the runner-up prize in the best oral student paper competition, at the ECBO conference in Munich (21st-25th June), for his work on the "Optical measurement of temperature in biological cells under infrared laser light exposure (λ = 800nm)".