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Strong and outstanding presence of GPPMM at CLEO!!

The GPPMM had 11 papers selected at the conference "Conference on Laser and Electro-Optics / Quantum Electronics and Laser Spectroscopy" (CLEO / QELS) held in San Jose, in June 2016, and identified as one of the most leading research groups in photonics this year. CLEO is the most important meeting in photonics (see 2016 CLEO website

Among these articles, there were two papers presented in "post-deadline" session; a session that brings together the latest and most important research results in the field of photonics and optical physics. GPPMM post-deadline papers relate to two major results. The first one consists in the development of a hollow-core photonic crystal fiber (HC-PCF) having a record transmission performance. This result consolidates the world-leadership of the GPPMM and its spin-off ​​GLOphotonics in the field of hollow-core fibers. The second reports on a novel approach for the nanostructuring gas-phase materials and optically trapping, highlighting a new physical dynamic.