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A work on the diffusion of light


When the material diffuses the light

Lionel Simonot and Pierre Boulenguez (Dir.)


This interdisciplinary work, in which 40 authors have participated, provides a panorama of knowledge on the diffusion of light at the macroscopic scale, on the surface or in volume. The reader will find a set of theoretical developments necessary for the understanding of phenomena, as well as applications in materials science, remote sensing, agronomy, graphic computing, lighting simulation, etc. 

This work is directed by Lionel Simonot, lecturer at the University of PoitiersENSI PoitiersPprime Institute. Researchers from the XLIM Institute also contributed. Benjamin Bringier, Lecturer, and Majdi Khoudeir, Universitiy Professor, presented "Photogrammetry". From photos of an object from several points of view, it is possible on the one hand to reconstruct the volume of the object but also to know the behavior in diffusion of it. Mickaël Ribardière, Lecturer, and Daniel Meneveaux, Universitiy Professor, exhibited the various models describing the diffusion by a surface as well as their use in the synthesis of images. 

Summary: The appearance of an object (matte, satin or glossy; transparent, translucent or opaque; color varying with the direction of incidence and/or observation) depends on its ability to diffuse the light. Acquiring, rebuilding, compressing, modeling and simulating this multi-dimensional radiometric property (spectral, spatial, angular, and polarization components) remains a major scientific and technical challenge at the borders of the research in optics, mathematics, Informatics, metrology and vision science.

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  • ISBN: 9782356715562
  • Publisher: presses des mines
  • Release date: 2019/06
  • Number of pages: 456