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XLIM-SBIC agreement

French research institute XLIM (CNRS/Université de Limoges) and the Singapore BioImaging Consortium, A*STAR have signed, 1st June 2016, a 3-year agreement for research collaboration. The teams hope to develop ultra-sensitive bio-detection platforms using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) or surface plasmon resonance (SPR), based on particular optical fibers. These platforms might achieve unprecedented detection sensitivity of bio-molecules (proteins, lipids and cancer biomarker) through a read out using sensitive SERS tags in body fluids, while making these developments practical tools for clinical applications in early stage cancer detection, skin analysis and in metabolomics studies of lipids, fatty acids.

The project is led by Prof Malini Olivo of SBIC Bio-optical Imaging Group and Dr Georges Humbert of XLIM Fiber Photonics team.

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