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Youssef Rammal receives the CEM 2023 Best Student Paper Award

At the French EMC conference (CEM 2023) held on June 13, 14 & 15, 2023 at Toulouse (INP-ENSEEIHT), Youssef Rammal, PhD student of the RF systems axis of the XLIM laboratory received the Best Student Paper Award for his paper entitled "Measurement of the radiation pattern of a horn antenna in a vibrating intrinsic reverberation chamber (VIRC)". This paper shows that it is possible to measure the radiation pattern of an antenna within a perfectly chaotic reverberation chamber made of metallized mesh using a simple averaging of the measured data.

The 21st International Symposium and Exhibition on ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is a must-attend event for the French-speaking community of academics and industrialists in the field of EMC, a discipline whose aim is to ensure the reliable cohabitation of electrical and electronic equipment and systems in increasingly complex electromagnetic environments.

Youssef works in the framework of the ANR ASTRID CHAOTIQ project (Environnement Réverbérant et Virtuellement Anéchoïque dans une chambre EM chaotique vibrante) supported by the DGA, coordinated by XLIM (coordinator : Guillaume Andrieu) in partnership with CISTEME and the Jacques Dubois company.

Congratulations !