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The scope of this WP is to develop new technologies and materials based on nano-elements for low thermal resistance interfaces and electrical interconnects. As explained, the development of next generation

electronics tends to ultra-miniaturization (3D ICs, 3D systems, etc.) and will quickly reach the limits of current technologies for thermal management and interconnects. In this context, nanotechnology has to

provide new solutions to overcome these bottlenecks.

This WP is heavily interdisciplinary and involves investigation of material science and fabricating processes, material characterization and modelling, as well as electronics components design, integration and tests. It aims several goals:

  1. Development of state-of-the-art thermal and interconnect interfaces.
  2. Development of new thermal and electrical characterization techniques.
  3. Development of predictive modeling tools based on multi-disciplinary and advanced multi-scales approaches.
  4. Fabricating and testingof representative demonstrators with significant impact for industries.

PhD position open:

Carbon nanostructures based high frequency interconnections