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Propagation and control of optical solitons in fiber transmission systems with dispersion management

TONELLO Alessandro

The combination of optical solitons and periodical dispersion management represents a new and promising technique for the next generation of fiber optics transmission systems, with full compatibility with dense wavelength division multiplexing at high bit-rate. Indeed the constructive and stable interplay between chromatic dispersion and self phase modulation, which substantially distinguishes the soliton from other formats, may permits error-free long-haul transmissions, overcoming part of transmission impairments due to fiber nonlinearity and amplifier noise. Moreover, periodical all-optical regeneration of signals may enforce the overall system capability with substantial improvements, especially for transoceanic distances. Performances of soliton based systems, in presence of lumped control elements, deserve to be characterized by means of analytical methods, based on simplified solutions of the governing equations, rather than lengthy full numerical simulations. In the present work, different methodological approaches are proposed to point out propagation dynamics and stability and their role in system optimization.