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ORIS (Opto-microwave Radar Imaging Sytems)

ORIS focuses on new microwave-photonic techniques for real time and high resolution radar imaging systems, related to security applications (body canners, through the wall vision, target detection in opaque environments, GPR, etc.). 

ORIS' activities follow two approaches:

  • The study of antenna multiplexers based on optical combiners
  • Waveform synthesis for optoelectronic scanning systems

Antenna multiplexing using optical combiners: 

The concept is based on the development of microwave-photonic to allow real time frame rate with hig resolution (high bandwidth and wide radiating apperture).

In the field of security scanning, current limitations are related to the need to simultaneously collect signals received by a large number of antennas (multiplication of RF and analog-to-digital conversion chains). To meet this challenge, the proposed system is based on a new multiplexing technique  by optical summation, allowing a "one shot" acquisition towards a single photodiode :

  •  RF to optical conversion ,
  •  Fiber optics combining, 
  •  Digital processing :  Decoding  & Far field or near field imaging algorithms.

Projects and Collaborations

  • Labex SigmaLim Project , Chaire "Systemes RF" (2017-2018) 
  • First proof of principle of a Microwave-Photonic Radar in S band
  • Digital Beamforming with 4 antennas 

  • Regional Project IMPACT "IMagerie oPto-microonde ACTive" (2018-2020)
  • Operational Demonstrator of a near field Mirowave-Photonic Radar
  • Aperture Synthesis based on MIMO concept : sparse array of 16 Tx / 16 Rx
  • pulsed SDMA mode (5-8 GHz bandwidth) 


  • ANR Project OBIWAM (2019-2023)

Partnners: C2N, MC2 technologie, ST Micro., Vectrawave, XLIM (coordinateur), 

  • MIMO scanner in K band
  • Frame rate : 10 FPS
  • Range : 3 to 5 m
  • Field of View : 2x1 m² at 5 m range
  • resolution : 2 to 5 cm
  • RF to optical conversion using Silicon Photonic

Waveform synthesis for optoelectronic scanning systems

This activity follows the design of an UWB Optoelectronic Pulsed Radar (ANR/ASTRID 'BALADE', 2012-2015). The originality of this radar lies in its scanning speed (laser triggered radiation) and the generation of high voltages (pulsed mode polarization).

On going projects :

  • UWB waveform synthetis with controlled spectral mask
    • Radiation generated from non-linear microwave devices and laser triggered photo switches.
  • SAPHIR Project(Bourget 2019)
    • Demonstrator of an optical beam-triggered waveform generator


ORIS partners: