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Prizes for Bio-Epix : BioEM and ECBO 2015 !

Two PhD students from the Bio-EPIX group at XLIM (led by Dr. Rodney O’Connor, Labex SigmaLim Bioengineering Chair) have received awards at the BioEM and ECBO 2015 conferences.

Laser for transmitting secret information !

At the XLIM Institute we have designed and assembled a fiber laser of 50 km with the aim of exchanging information in a secure way.

World’s first polychrome organic solar module

XLIM and DISASOLAR (French SME) have successfully demonstrated the world’s first polychrome photovoltaic module...

The BioEPIX group soon at Janelia Research Campus !

Studying the influence of nanosecond pulsed electric fields on cytoskeletal and mitochondrial networks in human glioblastoma cells with live-cell 3D structured Illumination microscopy

The BioEPIX group of the XLIM Research Institute has been selected for the visiting scientist programme at the renowned Janelia Research Campus of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Ashburn, Virginia.


EXPERTISE: Electronics and Microwaves, Optics and Photonics, CAD, Mathematics, Computer Sciences and Image Processing
APPLICATION FIELDS: Telecommunications Networks, Aerospace, Bioengineering, Smart Materials and Energy,